Declining mineral prices, rising costs and dwindling profits are major  challenges being faced by the mining industry today. Added to this are issues related to globalization, diversification, intense competition ,stringent regulations and safety in mining. The industry environment is making it necessary for the mining companies to increase adoption of IT and Automation in day to day operations.

Mining has witnessed tremendous technology driven changes in the recent past and today is strongly focused on automation, cleaner mining systems and an improved utilisation of assets by increasing machine performance. Key trends include more automation with integration, greater collaboration and easier access to targeted information


CMC has been working closely with its customers in Mining for the last 25+ years helping them achieve operational excellence by designing and deploying IT & Automation solutions across their mining value chain (Pit to Port). We are one of the few companies with extensive domain expertise in this area. Our unique industry-specific solutions for mining industry are led by a group of high skilled domain experts and IT professionals.

Our Mining Solutions include:
  • Integrated Mining Command and Control Centre (IMCCC) - A collaborative environment, across the mining value chain and covering all activities such as exploration, mine operations, ore processing, transportation and ore dispatch / ore exports.
  • Dynamine - Truck Dispatch Solution
  • Crystal - Exploration, Survey , Deposit Evaluation and Mine Planning Package
  • Underground Miners’ Location Tracking and Communication System.
  • Barge Fleet Monitoring & optimization System
  • GPS, RFID & GIS based Mine Logistics Management Systems.
  • Operational Scheduling and Material Tracking
  • ERP based Integrated Mines Management System.
  • Customized solutions for Mining Industry in the following areas.
    • Materials Management
    • Ore / Waste Transportation
    • Beneficiation process  automation
    • Equipment Performance and Health monitoring of Specialized Mining equipment's like Bucket Wheel Excavators, Spreaders , Dragline Conveyers, Excavators, Dump Trucks.
    • End to End Communication and networking solutions for large Mining Companies in India
    • Education and Training
    • Mining Domain Consulting
    • Integrated Video Security and Surveillance System
    • ERP Implementation and Support.